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“Uncovered: A Memoir” is the story of how one 47-year-old female fitness instructor went from a lifetime of self-loathing to achieving 100% body confidence, in a matter of months.

Peeling back one layer at a time, Claire takes you on her personal journey from hiding her body away under shapeless clothing for decades, to revealing when her body image issues started, why she finally decided to tackle them head-on, and what steps she followed to reach pure body image acceptance.

The road was not easy: she hit the perimenopause, gained and lost 10kg, endured painful cosmetic treatments, healed countless childhood traumas, and pushed through fear every single time she exposed more of her body to the world.

This memoir aims to inspire you the reader to embrace your own relationship with your body, it challenges industry norms surrounding beauty and perfection, and it teaches you the importance of discovering who you truly are, so you too can show up as the BEST version of yourself.

Overall, “Uncovered” is a powerful and honest reflection on the importance of self-love, self-worth and self-acceptance.

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