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Strategy Call


Are you finding the content in the “Managing You HQ” program to be really useful, but you’re still seeing some gaps in your admin efficiency…?

Could your systems, email templates and client records still do with some work?

Get in the hot seat with Claire Mockridge on a 1-hour strategy call where she’ll show you how you can fine-tune your systems, AND suggest ways of improving your productivity and efficiency so you can get more done in a shorter space of time.

Everything is a work in progress, but systems can always be improved, updated and enhanced.

Book a 1-hour strategy call with Claire Mockridge, and she’ll show you step-by-step what it is you need to do help cut down your admin time.

Discounted for “Managing You HQ” members, once you’ve paid for your call, email apn@clairemockridge with the email subject “Strategy call”, and suggest some dates/times that you’re available, and Claire will give you priority in assigning a call with you.