Diastasis Detective Program

Module 1: Intro

Notes on walking


It’s true that you not only have to teach your clients how breathe correctly (see step 1), you also have to teach them how to walk better too!

Encourage your postnatal clients to walk more – it’s what we’re put on this planet to do.

However, walking is much more effective when you’re doing it a more aligned way.

Here are some pointers:

  1. Feet hip-distance apart
  2. Outside edge of feet straight
  3. Bodyweight into the heels
  4. Rib cage relaxed / dropped
  5. Arms push backwards, rather than swing forwards
  6. Back of the neck long
  7. When going uphill / upstairs, encourage the glute max to engage

As always, start with ONE THING to change, so it could be just feet hip-distance apart for a few days, then move onto feet straight for a week after that, then the next thing to layer in could be bodyweight into the heels.

It’s impossible to walk in correct alignment all the time – if you did, you’d never get anything done!

So, aim to suggest your clients walk more, more often, and by getting them think about HOW they’re walking, it means they end up walking better too.