Diastasis Detective Program

Module 1: Intro

The link between belly breathing and abdominal separation


Think back to the section on rib lifting and all you’ve read so far about increases in pressure gradients here in the breathing section.

There is a significant link between how a pregnant woman’s body is in alignment and how effective her breathing patterns are.

Diastasis recti doesn’t just suddenly happen – it’s a gradual process of misalignment, malfunctioned breathing and too much pressure building up in the wrong areas.

Thrusting the ribs forwards compresses the posterior (back) part of your ribcage, leading to a decreased amount of space in the thoracic cavity to enable you to breathe properly.

With belly breathing, in effect, you’re allowing the diaphragm to drop DOWN into the abdominal cavity, decreasing the space in the abdominal cavity.

When a pregnant woman habitually starts rib cage lifting and adopt a belly breathing pattern, pressure will build up and up in the wrong areas, until there’s nowhere else for it to go.