Diastasis Detective Program

Module 1: Intro

Problems with tight shoulders

Welcome to Step 4 of the ‘7 Steps to Fixing Abdominal Separation’ teacher training program.

Opening up the shoulder girdle is the next step NOT to be missed in the rehabilitation process of fixing diastasis recti, which is also why it’s number 4 in the 7-Step ‘Breathe’ Principle™.


Tightness in the shoulder area inhibits our ability to breathe into the thoracic cavity, encourages us to adopt more of a chin poke (forward-head posture) and can often lead to kyphosis.

Have a think about these activities that a postnatal client does on a daily basis:

  • feeding,
  • winding / burping,
  • changing a nappy,
  • comforting baby,
  • pushing buggy.

With all of this internal rotation of the shoulders and forward flexion of the spine going on, it’s no wonder postnatal clients display more of a rounded shouldered appearance.

Add in the daily habits of someone before they got pregnant:

  • texting,
  • driving,
  • computer work,
  • sitting,
  • watching tv

Then you’ll realise that the shoulder girdle musculature was probably already in a tightened state beforehand. I call this ‘pregnancy baggage’.