Diastasis Detective Program

Module 1: Intro

Module 8: Step 5 = “Task management”

Welcome to Step 5 of the ‘7 Steps to Fixing Abdominal Separation’ online instructor program.

Avoiding certain movements or indeed working out strategies for you client to be able to perform them BETTER, and being aware of what tasks may be exacerbating diastasis recti is a vital part of fixing it, which is also why it’s number 5 in the 7-Step ‘Breathe’ Principle™.


Here are a series of videos, articles and resources to read and view to get a better understanding of the types of tasks new mums:

  1. do on a daily basis,
  2. often perform incorrectly, and
  3. need to learn how to perform in a more optimal way

VIDEO – How to Step Down Onto the Floor Safely

VIDEO – How to Lift Safely (Moving Mechanics by Katy Bowman) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DEMpIrKpnNs

VIDEO – How to Go From Standing to Lying Safely

VIDEO – How to Move Around in Bed Safely

VIDEO – Pain Free Baby Holding– Katy Bowman


ARTICLE – Pain-Free Baby Holding – Katy Bowman


ARTICLE – Does Baby-Wearing Prevent Diastasis Recti From Healing?



Check out your local area for Slingmeets – these are great resources for mums who want to baby-wear, and get advice on the best type of sling for them and their baby.

One of my favourite accounts to follow on Instagram which is very informative about baby wearing is Zoe at @theslingconsultancy