Diastasis Detective Program

Module 1: Intro

EXERCISE OF DISCOVERY (thoracic stretch + breathing)


After reading through the information from the previous modules, how do YOU think you breathe?

Are you a chronic chest or belly breather?

There are ways of opening up the intercostals making it easier for you to breathe into the thoracic cavity.

Try out this stretch here:

Oblique stretch

Start by shuffling your hips over to the right (your feet don’t move position – just the hips)

Then, move your legs to the left and cross the right foot over the left.

Raise your arms and move them over to the left to make a C-shape with your body. Keep the ribs down and feel the tension release in your obliques.

NOTE: if you have particularly tight shoulders, perform the same stretch in standing if that feels more attainable, but make sure to keep your ribs down as you perform the stretch.