Diastasis Detective Program

Module 1: Intro

EXERCISE OF DISCOVERY (head hang + head ramping)


Head hang

Standing up in neutral alignment with the back of the neck long, slowly drop your chin down towards the chest.

How close can you get your chin to your chest?

Don’t lift your shoulders – that’s cheating!

Hold this position for 60 seconds, breathing naturally.

It’s a great way of stretching the back of the neck which is oftentimes very tight through constant forward head posture.

Perform this regularly, and you’ll be able to touch your chin on your chest in no time.

It’s also great if you suffer with ear, nose and throat conditions too because it’s not only reversing the tightness, it’s increasing blood flow to these areas too.

Head ramping

Another great exercise for releasing tension in the neck is to perform the movement that’s essentially the exact opposite of the chin poke.

Align yourself in standing, and start with your head in a slight chin poke / forward head position, then push the back of your skull back so the ears sit over the shoulders.

You’re not lifting the chin here, you’re keeping the ears level, and you’re just moving from a slight forwards head posture to a position where the back of your neck feels long.

Enjoy the stretch and the sensation of increasing circulation and nourishment to the cervical vertebrae.