Diastasis Detective Program

Module 1: Intro

Chin poke / forward head posture


This is where the skull moves forwards, out in front of the rest of the body.

It causes the muscles at the back of the neck to tighten in an effort to hold the weight of the head in this more forward position.

If constant tightness at the back of the neck is present, it can lead to wearing out the discs inbetween the cervical vertebrae, and it also decreases the amount of circulation that’s flowing to that area too.

In the modern world, we spend a lot of time driving, sat in front of a computer, eating our food in seated, and scrolling on our phones, which really causes the head to move forward from it’s most optimum position.

The skull is actually quite a heavy part of the human body too, so when someone walks with their head much further out in front than it should be, it makes it harder to walk with your bodyweight into the heels of your feet too.

See how everything in the body is becoming a bit more connected now?