Diastasis Detective Program

Module 1: Intro

Can abdominal separation be AVOIDED during pregnancy?

If you also work with pregnant clients, now is the perfect time to educate them checking in with their alignment – particularly if you’re a fan of pre-hab over re-hab.

Addressing these tiny postural habits now may actually help lessen your clients chances of experiencing diastasis recti during pregnancy and/or post-birth.

I recall testing 8 sets of abdominals during a postnatal Pilates class once and guess what my findings were?

Six clients had NO diastasis present, and 2 clients DID have abdominal separation.

Guess which of these clients had attended my pregnancy Pilates classes right up until their due date?

You guessed correctly – the 6 clients who DID NOT have any abdominal separation.

What about the 2 clients who DID have a diastasis?

Well, they were completely NEW clients to me at the time, they’d done very little exercise during their pregnancy, and unfortunately – they missed out on my pre-hab magic!