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Your Pelvic Matters - Online Pelvic Floor Teacher Training Program Now Open!










…so they can banish symptoms of incontinence, prolapse and pudendal nerve entrapment for life!

If you’re ready to stop prescribing Kegels as the “go-to” exercise, and start applying a “head-to-toe” approach to get your pelvic floor clients consistent results every single time – you’re in the right place!


I know how it feels to send clients away with Kegels and core-based exercises for homework, only for them to report back a few weeks later with zero change in their symptoms.

You’ve signed up to loads of “full-body function” courses over the years, and you know that for stress and urge incontinence, strengthening your clients’ glutes and lengthening their hamstrings is key.

For prolapse and pudendal neuralgia patients, you’re fully aware that you need to relieve the pressure and pain somehow, so you recommend a mixture of Kegels, get them breathing laterally, and spend time prescribing movements that ensure they don’t bear down so they don’t worsen their symptoms.

But, even with all of that, you still don’t have a step-by-step protocol to follow that provides results for every client, every time, for every major pelvic floor condition.

You’re conscientious and over-deliver in all of your 1:1 appointments by dealing with what “shows up” for each client (because that’s what they’re paying for: an individualised program, right?), only to be left realising that solving the mystery of pelvic floor dysfunction is incredibly discouraging, because some of your clients’ issues are resolved, and others aren’t – no matter what you do.




You provide your pelvic floor clients with consistent, effective long-term solutions every single time


You have a step-by-step, full-body strategy to follow that decreases dysfunction not just at the pelvis, but at the foot, knee, back, shoulder and neck too


You become the go-to local expert on all things pelvic health because you’re offering a different approach, and you’re finally being rewarded for all that hard work


Your PFD group classes have waiting lists, and your 1:1 clinic diary is full with exactly the types of clients you enjoy working with


You have ideal clients finding YOU instead of the other way around

If you’re ready to say goodbye to the traditional approach (which has been proven to not work for everyone, by the way), and start improving the quality of life for many more people, then Your Pelvic Matters is for you!

Inside, you’ll gain access to my signature 3-part framework which contains the essential elements required to restore pelvic floor function, including embracing the full-body approach, 3 x tiers of exercises, and most importantly – lifestyle factors that affect pelvic floor function.

The Framework + The Research + The Resources + The Support is all you need to finally start making an impact on more men/women with pelvic floor dysfunction.

I created Your Pelvic Matters because I believe the full-body approach for movement teachers – people who aren’t scared to stand out from the norm, open their minds, do the work, and offer their clients a different path to wellness – is key to getting your clients consistent results.

And, I believe the Your Pelvic Matters Framework is, hands down, the best system to follow


Module One

The Broader Approach

In Module One, you’ll kick things off with a practical webinar showcasing the first 9 foundational Your Pelvic Matters exercises, AND be introduced to the full-body approach, including:


  • Why spot-reducing with Kegels isn’t effective for every client with pelvic floor dysfunction
  • The muscle model, and the importance of gaining length, before strength when it comes to improving pelvic floor function,
  • Which foundational exercises YOU need to work on to eradicate dysfunction in your own body, because remember – no one is perfect, and this is a journey of discovery for you and your clients (think of it as improving your bedside manner!)

Module Two

The Pesky Pelvis

In Module Two, you’ll take a deeper look into pelvic alignment, and pelvic floor function. You’ll also learn:


  • The types of (male and female) pelvic floor dysfunction, their symptoms and how the Your Pelvic Matters program can help,
  • Why doing pelvic-focussed exercise alone will NOT rehabilitate your clients’ pelvic floor muscles,
  • Lifestyle factors, and tips on making life with pelvic floor dysfunction easier,
  • All of the pelvic-centred Your Pelvic Matters exercises to add into your clients’ lives

Module Three

Foot + Lower Leg Mechanics 

In Module Three, you’re discovering why immobility in the foot plays such a significant role in improving pelvic floor health. I’m revealing:

  • Why tightness in the foot often refers as tightness in the pelvic floor,  
  • The importance of walking for pelvic floor function, gait basics, and how shank, knee and femur positioning affect posterior push off,  
  • The elements of a barefoot shoe; why zero heel footwear is best; and how you and your clients can safely transition into them,  
  • More foot and lower leg Your Pelvic Matters exercises to practise to add to your repertoire

    Module Four

    Core, Psoas + Upper Body Mechanics

    Module Four goes north of the navel in your quest to solve the mystery of inappropriate loads down on the pelvic floor from above. You’ll learn:


    • How poor shoulder girdle mechanics, kyphosis and forward head posture affect pelvic floor function,  
    • Why building a “reflexive core” is a MUST,
    • What daily bad habits attribute to core dysfunction,
    • Why cueing TVA engagement is outdated,  
    • All of the delicious Your Pelvic Matters psoas, core and chest opening exercises you and your clients need to address release tension and improve function 

    Module Five

    Lesson Planning + Client Programming  

    And, finally in Module Five, you’re putting that final piece of the full-body approach puzzle in place, to ensure you feel confident in knowing exactly what exercise to do when, with which client (and in what order, and why!). I’ll show you:


    • Case studies from my own real life 1:1 clients with the order of exercises, length of time working together and results gained,  
    • Sample group class “done for you” lesson plans, so you can teach a series of in-person courses, pre-empt FAQs that crop up, and of course – reach MORE clients,  
    • The remaining Your Pelvic Matters advanced pelvic floor exercises and explanations of which clients to fast-forward these for


    The last thing you need right now is another course telling you that squats are the new Kegel (wasn’t that article blown waaay out of proportion, at the time, huh?). And, you need waaay more than shoulder bridges, supine knee lifts and clams to truly improve someone’s core and pelvic floor strength (trust me – I’ve tried that route and failed).  

    You need a tried and tested, proven, ready-to-implement system that goes deeper than simply what exercise to do, when. A program that includes all of the knowledge gaps on factors that attribute to dysfunction for the modern day human, like how a person sits, how much they sit, clothing choices, movement/daily habits, how much they walk, how they carry/lift/care for their children, their job etc.
    You need Your Pelvic Matters. 



    And, if all of the full-body stuff sounds overwhelming, believe me…

    It’s not.

    I created Your Pelvic Matters to eliminate overwhelm – not create more of it…to make solving pelvic floor dysfunction easier for you and your clients, not harder.

    It’s designed to simplify your role of restoring function and make it easy and fun!

    And, I guarantee it’ll make you a better movement teacher as a whole, because once you learn about how the body is designed to be loaded, you’ll change the way you instruct exercise and movement forever.

    The best thing for me was the realization that I had got it so wrong about pelvic floor/dysfunction! The Your Pelvic Matters training has been a revelation and a learning curve/journey that I have taken willing class members on too and the feedback from them (and me) is thank you for opening my eyes and feeding my brain Claire!

    Julia Hardwick

    Women’s Health Physiotherapist

    When you join the Your Pelvic Matters program today, you’ll get access to:

    Regular Month-by-Month Program


    5 Step-by-Step Training Modules available RIGHT NOW! great for the intensive, eager-beaver learner who DEVOURS content quickly!


    Scripts, study questions and audio files of all of the theorectical videos to enhance your learning experience


    Facebook support group to ask questions and be part of a fabulous community of other pelvic floor nerds


    Lifetime Access to the Your Pelvic Matters program + ALL course updates and bonus material


    PLUS OVER £2,000 WORTH of additional bonuses!

    VIP Fast-Track Program


    EVERYTHING included in the Regular Program… 


    PLUS: Gain access to ALL 5 Modules of content RIGHT NOW! great for the intensive, eager-beaver learner who DEVOURS content quickly!


    PLUS: 1 x 90-minute Skype Coaching Call: Have Claire help map out your entire launch plan, or keep her in your arsenal to provide additional support for a tricky PFD client case (£1,997 value)


    PLUS: EXTRA BONUSES delivered to you, because you’re a VIP, and you deserve it!


    Get started today for just £99.97!

    Or save £102 and PAY IN FULL


    Get access to ALL of the content NOW £497!






    A FREE client-friendly worksheet listing:

    The 6 Foundational ‘Your Pelvic Matters’ Exercises That Lessen Pelvic Floor Dysfunction Symptoms

    A great little handout you can give to clients after their first 1-2-1 session with you, or after class as homework!

    Value = £247


    10 x Done-For-You
    Blog Posts / Newsletter Articles

    Save hours of time producing your own content, and wow your clients with your newfound full-body knowledge, with these done-for-you articles that you can post on social media, share on your blog, or via your weekly email newsletter!

    Value = £397


    FREE seat on LIVE Webinar: “Lifestyle factors that affect pelvic floor function”

    Join Claire for this LIVE online, interactive presentation on Friday 29th November 2019 where she’ll showcase ALL of the lifestyle factors that affect pelvic floor function!

    Value = £497


    Marketing plan: 10-step, fully-booked launch formula  

    Sell out your first Your Pelvic Matters group class with this 10-step launch plan OR apply the same principles to have 1:1 clients knocking down your door to work with you!  

    Value = £497


    Hi, I’m Claire!

    I’m a self-confessed pelvic floor geek and biomechanics nerd, and I teach FitPros, Physios and Physical Therapists my full-body approach to pelvic floor rehab, so they can provide their clients with a consistent reduction in their symptoms, and offer them effective long-term solutions.  

    I’ve worked with well over 2,000 pregnant and postnatal women and started out as a pre/postnatal exercise instructor 14 years ago.

    It used to break my heart in my early, inexperienced postnatal buggy fitness days when clients would build up to the confidence to come up to me after class and ask me about their pelvic floor. I’d send them away with Kegels, and unfortunately, very few ever really reported an improvement in their pelvic floor function. Fast forward several years, and I started applying the full-body biomechanics approach in my prenatal classes, and guess what started to happen?

    The vast majority of clients who returned to me post-birth did so with fewer incidences of abdominal separation, pelvic floor dysfunction and pelvic girdle pain, so I knew this stuff was working as a preventative measure. How cool is that?!

    Prolapse is my speciality, and to date, there’s not been one client I’ve worked with on a 1:1 basis who hasn’t reported a marked difference to their “heavy dragging” symptoms.

    I love me some stress/urge incontinence cases too, with one client noting more strength in her pelvic floor is just 4 days – woah!

    And, just being completely transparent here: the majority of people I’ve worked with for pudendal neuralgia have been men, but with one, simple, teeny-tiny adjustment in their standing alignment, and hey presto – the pressure on their pudendal nerve vanishes – within weeks!

    Don’t think this stuff came easy though. I learnt a lot of lessons along the way, and by no means is it an easy thing to say to someone: “So, as you know, my approach is different, and for pelvic floor weakness I always start with the foot” (You know that emoji with the big eyes and raised eyebrows? Yeah, I get that one a LOT in my PT clinic- har har!)

    I trialled and tested several techniques on my own clients first for 2+ years before realising it wasn’t a coincidence that every single person that came to see me, reported results.

    I fiddled around with the order of exercise prescription (so now you don’t have to), and I really cut it back to the barebones basics when it comes to lifestyle factors so as to not overwhelm you, or your clients. I’m all for keeping things simple, me.

    From there, Your Pelvic Matters was born, and I now have Teacher Trainers in worldwide and I look forward to welcoming you into this fun and incredibly supportive community.


    Claire’s easy-to-follow, step-by-step approach for clients makes our teaching transition to this important client group seamless. The support from Claire through my teaching journey has been incredible and I can’t thank her enough! I would highly recommend “Your Pelvic Matters” to anyone interested in teaching clients to improve their pelvic floor health.

    Arleen Dingwall

    Pre/Postnatal Pilates Instructor

    Last week we got through the whole of your suggested class plan, Claire. But this week, just 3 exercises, so it felt a bit like I hadn’t done enough but the feedback was great! In fact one lady said she liked how it was less things as she had done a previous course with someone else and got overwhelmed with all the stuff. Whereas she felt able to do the work with this course!

    Rosie Dhoopun

    Yoga Teacher

    Claire, I loved the Your Pelvic Matters course! I loved the way you presented it on your website, and found it really easy to navigate. As a fellow organised human being, it really annoys me when courses are not laid out in an easy format!

    Susan Booth

    Pilates Teacher

    What I’m really enjoying about the Your Pelvic Matters program is your attention to detail of the subject matter, Claire. You spell out the most complicated of theories in the most effortless and easy-to-understand ways. Thank you so much – it gives me so much more confidence when passing on this newfound knowledge to clients.

    Clair Makin

    Yoga Instructor

    1. What’s included in the Your Pelvic Matters Program? 

    The Your Pelvic Matters Online Instructor Program is broken into 5 modules:  

    1   The Broader Approach To Optimum Pelvic Floor Function  

    2   The Pesky Pelvis + Pelvic Floor Mechanics  

    3   Foot + Leg Mechanics That Affect Pelvic Floor Dysfunction  

    4   The Core, Psoas + Upper Body Mechanics 

    5   Client Case Studies, Classroom + 1-2-1 Lesson Planning

    PLUS, when you’re done with all of that amazing theory, you’ll also receive:y, you’ll also receive:  

    • 40+ Your Pelvic Matters Exercises – broken into simple levels: Foundational, Intermediate + Advanced you’ll know exactly what exercises to do with which client and never be stuck for ideas or ever ever ever second-guess yourself when it comes to exercise prescription. 
    • BONUS ‘How to teach the squat’ class – you’ll walk away with tonnes of ideas on how to get your clients’ glutes firing correctly with Claire Mockridge’s super squat class – you’ll receive more ideas than you’ll know what to do with when teaching clients to squat using their glutes, not their quads. 


    • YPM Teacher Trainer Manual – an invaluable guide of 40+ Your Pelvic Matters exercises with teaching points, adaptations, tips for when you get stuck, do’s + don’ts, and of course pictures of real-life clients performing these exercises 
    • Audio files – not as boring as it sounds, I promise! For each theoretical webinar, you can listen to me over and over again out on walks, in the car or at the gym to let that newfound knowledge “stick” – it’s just like listening to a podcast 
    • Webinar transcripts – if you learn better by reading – I’ve got you covered, because I’ve had 4 webinars transcribed into text for you to print, make notes on, read through as many times as you like, and have fun with your highlighters 
    • Sample first class / first appointment lesson plan + video – even though I know you’ll be confident putting lesson plans together, I’m giving you a tried and tested lesson plan that works for ALL first appointments and classes, PLUS a supplementary video of me visually running through timings, teaching points and tips  

    2. How Is The Content For The Your Pelvic Matters Program Delivered? 

    The content is primarily delivered via video files and recorded Webinars.  

    There are also checklists, worksheets, resource guides, research papers, photo libraries, podcasts and MORE to keep you on track with your progress and to enhance your understanding of each module.  

    The course content is released over a 5 month period, and you’ll be expected to stay on track with everyone else on the program by completing each module before progressing on to the next one.  

    You’ll have LIFETIME ACCESS to the content to enable you to re-watch, re-wind and re-view, as and when needed. 

    And, any updates to the program will automatically be deposited into your membership, so you’ll never be missing out. 


    3. How Is This Course Different From Other Pelvic Floor Exercise Qualifications?

    You need to be committed to the cause here. There aren’t many pelvic floor exercise programs that insist the instructor goes on their own journey of body awareness and alignment.  

    This ensures you’ll have the best ‘bedside manner’ and you and your client will be able to totally geek out on all things that only Your Pelvic Matters nerds do because you’ve been there and done it yourself too. 

    Although Your Pelvic Matters is an exercise-based program, a lot of what you’ll learn is soooo much deeper than that. 

    It’s very biomechanics-based, so you’ll learn about how postural habits affect pelvic floor function + why incorrect loads cause torque, tension and dysfunction – mind-blowing stuff that will actually make you a better teacher/instructor 

    Your Pelvic Matters is NOT a franchise, there’s no license fee and you’ll be allowed to use the Your Pelvic Matters branding (once you’ve qualified obviously).  

    4. What’s the Pre-Requisite?

    Pre-req is any Level 3 Personal Trainer, Pilates, Yoga, Fitness or Movement-Based Instructor qualification (or be working towards it).

    Your Pelvic Matters isn’t particularly ‘over-your-head’ anatomy-wise – consider it a good refresher of all things connected to the pelvis PLUS so much more, because what’s stopping the pelvic floor functioning isn’t just located at the site of the pelvis, so you’ll learn foot, lower leg, pelvic, core, breathing and upper body mechanics. 

    Information is spelled out in a very ‘easy-to-understand’ way which then helps YOU pass this knowledge on to your clients, with ‘user-friendly’ language.  

    5. Are REPS / CEU Points Available?

    This CPD certification has no REPS points available, but if you’re a RES looking for CEU’s, you’ll be pleased to know that Your Pelvic Matters is worth 5 CEU’s!  

    6. What Support Is Available If I Have A Question?

    There’s a private Facebook Group where you can feel free to post a question, video of yourself/client, or any ‘aha’ moments you experience as you progress you can feel free to post a question, video of yourself/client, or any ‘aha’ moments you experience as you progress your way through the content. 

    And, I’m more than happy to record a video for you and/or go live in the Facebook group to explain/demonstrate/describe something if need be. 

    I want you to feel 100% confident in the content, and I’m more than happy to support you along your journey.  

    7. What’s Expected From You?

    You’ll be expected to complete the modules each month for 5-6 month period, or if you learn best intensively, sign up for the FAST-TRACK PREMIUM OPTION. 

    Each month, you’ll watch 1-2 x 30-60 minute webinars, be set some homework and then it’s up to you to go ahead and complete it (the homework doesn’t need to be handed in – it’s just review questions to self-answer, and exercises to perfect in your own time).  

    You’ll be given 5-6 months to get your own mind + body better aligned and adjusted through regular practise of the Your Pelvic Matters exercises.  

    No one’s perfect and it doesn’t matter what state your body enters the program in – but one thing’s for sure, you’ll walk out knowing a lot more about your own pain management + dysfunction. 

    Assessment = 35 multiple choice exam + video(s) of you teaching the first 9 foundational exercises, either you teaching to a class, or client, or you direct to camera.  

    8. Who Is The Your Pelvic Matters Program For?

    The Your Pelvic Matters program is for exercise, Yoga + Pilates teachers, Physios, Chiropractors, Osteopaths and ANY movement-based person with an interest in not over-Kegelling their clients’ vaginas a ani (the plural of anus!) in their quest to solve the mystery of pelvic floor dysfunction.  

    If you fall into either of these categories AND have pelvic floor dysfunction yourself, I’d be especially keen to have you onboard (and rest-assured, you won’t be the only movement professional that falls into this category)!

    9. What about Covid-19? Can Your Pelvic Matters help my business go virtual…?

    I’ve been teaching pelvic floor dysfunction clients one-on-one via Skype and Zoom for years, and I’m the proud to say that I’ve successfully launched 10+ online programs myself over the past 8 years (including this course right here – it’s actually the 9th time I’m launching Your Pelvic Matters, so there you go!).

    The exercise content of YPM lends itself to you, the teacher, being able to educate your client whilst they exerciseNothing is fast or fractious – the movements are incredibly slow and controlled, and guess what your best asset is right now?  Your voice!

    You can have a conversation whilst training a client on Zoom/Skype AND if you’re concerned about navigating the tech required to move into the online space, I’ve got you covered with a SPECIAL BONUS: “5 Ways You Can Serve Pelvic Floor Dysfunction Clients Online”.

    I’ll hold your hand throughout this process if you have any technical wobbles, but what I want you to do here is think of the ripple effect that teaching online providesWhat’s that?  Well, you can now reach many many more men and women with pelvic floor dysfunction, not just those in your current geographical location.  The world is your oyster!